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An alternative to expensive 3rd party services

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Our Mission

Diner Dispatch was created by Value Trade Network, a business development company that is passionate about small business. Our mission is to provide a cost-effective way for restaurant owners to offer online ordering and delivery without paying outrageous marketing fees or commissions to third-party services.

However, it's not only about cost savings. Many restaurants do not realize that these 3rd party services completely takeover their online presence for the benefit of the 3rd party, not the restaurant. Diner Dispatch gives you back your online presence and helps you build your brand, not ours!

Our Purpose

At Diner Dispatch, we pride ourselves on providing a quality, in-house online ordering and delivery system for restaurants so that their customers can enjoy their favorite food from the comfort of their couch. Our online ordering system is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and staff-friendly, creating a seamless ordering experience for both the customer and the restaurant.

Online ordering and delivery is not our only focus though. We want our restaurants to thrive in today's digital world, so we offer custom-tailored marketing solutions to help our restaurants reach new customers, entice their current customers to order more often, and increase the average ticket size per order.

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