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Social Media Posting

Since over 70% of income for most restaurants comes from repeat customers, social posting to your followers is a great tool to boost sales. We eliminate the challenges and daily headaches of posting content and monitoring campaigns to give you more focus on running your restaurant. We will customize and coordinate posts around your brand and special offers in order to maximize your social media presence, and present your followers with content that interests them.

We will also provide you with a content calendar each month so you can see what will be posted before it goes out, giving you full control over the campaign and allowing enough time for any changes you may want to make. These posts can also be synced with special offers we create on your website and your Diner Dispatch online ordering system in order to increase customer spending and frequency of orders.


Plans starting at only $99/mo

Social Media Advertising

Whether you're looking to increase your amount of followers or generate new sales, our ad campaigns have you covered. Unlike third-party ordering systems, when you use Diner Dispatch online ordering, you have access to your customer's information as well as their consent to market to them. Customer information and marketing consent are extremely valuable to your restaurant and can be utilized to increase sales beyond what 3rd party ordering systems could ever offer you. 

With our social advertising service, we start by creating custom-tailored audience targets using your customer data. This allows us to create highly profitable ads by using tactics such as retargeting campaigns, lookalike audiences, and more! We also provide monthly reporting so you can physically see the success of your campaigns. Lastly, you have full access and ownership of your advertising account unlike with other services. We simply create and manage the campaigns on your behalf. 

Plans starting at only $395/mo

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Search Engine Optimization

While you might not see your sales increase immediately like with social media advertising, SEO is hands down the most beneficial and cost-effective form of advertising on the market. 93% of all online interactions start with a search engine, and Google produces more than 77,000 searches PER SECOND! So, it's easy to see why ranking high in those search results plays a huge factor in gaining new customers. That's where search engine optimization comes into play. 

We offer SEO services beyond our competitor's capabilities featuring industry-leading performance guarantees and no time-based commitment. We have a highly technical team capable of identifying the root cause of poor search engine performance, as well as the successes of your competitor rankings. Our service guarantee ensures there will be a minimum net gain of at least 15 positions for all tracked keywords per month, if not, your SEO service is free during those months.

Plans starting at $395/mo

SMS/Text Marketing

SMS/Text marketing is a tremendous tool for restaurants to engage their customers and keep them coming back to spend more and visit more often. Many restaurants are replacing their email campaigns with SMS due to the severe decline in successful email marketing. Let's face it, marketers have ruined email for everyone and many consumers do not check their email on a regular basis. Do you know what they do check EVERY single time they get one? You guessed it, their text messages!

With this kind of power in your hands, it is also important not to abuse it, or it will have the opposite effect of gaining more business. We set up SMS campaigns that are friendly to your customers and that do not abuse the privilege of communicating with them on such a personal level. These campaigns are great for generating reviews, issuing loyalty bonuses, and alerting customers of promotions and weekly specials.

Plans starting at only $59/mo

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Print Services

Print Marketing

From takeout menus to table displays, we offer printing services that are sure to catch your customer's eye. Print marketing is yet another great way to advertise your online ordering and delivery service since advertising is all about putting your brand and promotions in front of new and existing customers. It's also a great way to convert your customers from using services like GrubHub and Doordash.

To grow and spread awareness of your new online ordering feature, try printing new takeout menus or special offer coupons that highlight and incentivize online ordering. Placing these pieces in the hands of your dine-in and takeout customers is a sure-fire way to not only jump-start your online ordering, but actually increase the ordering frequency of your customers. Let's face it, life is busy for everyone, and many of your customers do not feel like cooking after a long day, nor do they feel like dining in. They simply want to relax at home and enjoy their favorite foods.

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