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Welcome to Diner Dispatch!

Online Ordering
For Restaurants.

Let your customers order their favorite food from a beautiful, built-for-you menu including images, modifiers, and easy-to-use design.

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Diner Dispatch Quick Demo

Diner Dispatch Quick Demo

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Online Presence Matters

Don't let 3rd party ordering services hold your customers for ransom

We help build YOUR brand, not ours!

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Diner Dispatch Back Office

Gain Valuable


Use Smart Tools

For Growth

3rd party ordering and delivery services are literally holding your customers for ransom. Think about it, some of them don't even tell you who's ordering from you, and your entire online presence advertises for them, not so much for you. You're simply helping them build their diner database and fulfilling the orders they send over with very little control of the customer's overall experience.


Then, you have your restaurant advertised right next to your competitors, AND, they charge you for it! Those customers would have ordered from you anyway if you offered online ordering and delivery...why? Because they like your food of course! Let us help you give your customers what they really want, easy online ordering and delivery from YOU.

Why Diner Dispatch?

Our online ordering software is focused on YOU!

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Easy Online Ordering

We set everything up for you so that you can focus on your business.

We'll build you a free website unless you have one you want to use already, customize your menu including images and modifiers, set you up with a tablet and stand for easy order management,  table reservations, pre-ordering, and much much more!

Smart marketing

With Diner Dispatch, we optimize your online presence to help you grow.

Google My Business optimization

Social Media optimization

Promotional marketing and more...

Need to Eat

Food Delivery Options

Use your own delivery drivers or tap into other driver networks.

Driver Tracking

Live Customer Updates


Driver Networks

Back Office

From menu management to reporting, promotions, and online health - Diner Dispatch has it all.

Click below to learn more about our back office or book a live demo!

Our Clients On

Why they like Diner Dispatch

"I LOVE that they don't take a percentage of our orders."

We were using GrubHub who was taking a 30% commission on our orders and now there is no commssions. It's great!

Sam Whol
Whol's Cozy Kitchen


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